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Get Ready For Profitable Calamity

Earthquake damage

Warren Buffett and many other big-name investors predict the next downturn will be more severe that the Great Recession of 2008.

Given the economic mess in the U.S, the weakening Chinese economy, hardships in Argentina, Portugal and other bankrupt nations together with bloodletting in the Middle East, the prediction is hardly surprising. In fact, the anemic economy we now have is amazing. It survives only as a result of massive central bank intervention. And the longer it survives by these means the worse the eventual result will be.

Pressure Building

In a sense, there is a parallel between the current recovery and earthquakes. I live in a country in which they are at least a weekly occurrence – and I am glad they are. They serve to reduce pressure between tectonic plates. The small ‘quakes lessen the likelihood of a major destructive upheaval. Central bank maneuvers have largely quelled most of the economic tremblers, but in reality they have just postponed much greater negative energy. It is hard to see how the next downturn can be anything less than savage.

Next major move is down

There is no way to know when this will happen, any more than earthquakes can be forecast. Besides, as I have said often enough, forecasts are no better that anyone’s guess. One thing is sure: with the S&P 500 at close to a record high, the next major move will be down. Wealthy Investor has been preparing for that downturn for several months, perfecting the short selling portion of our systems. One-on-one training is already underway on the use of some systems and group training for others will start soon. We do not celebrate the misery economic downturns create but we recognize that, if handled appropriately, a great deal of money can be made during them. Stock markets typically fall at a rate three times faster than they rise. We are ready.

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Cutting Through the Hard Stuff


  • Do you find selling a stock to be more difficult than buying one?3d2
  • Do you um, ah and debate with yourself before buying shares?
  • As a result, do you tend to buy when much of the profit is already gone?
  • And do you hold on so long that all or most of the profit you might have had has evaporated?
  • Do you want to do better

If this describes you, don’t feel bad; you are in the majority. The decisions you believe you have to face are daunting. Or they were. I have a solid solution for you. And it is completely free, no strings, no sales pitch, nothing to buy. Why? Because we are very good at what we do, but you do not know us unless we give you proof. My new eBook, The Gordian Solution: Cutting the Investment Knot, will give you clear answers to the maze of decisions most investors face daily. Investing correctly is the easiest way I know of to make money without work. No strings and absolutely free but it could put thousands of extra dollars into your bank account. Please mail me for this book : sydney@wealthyinvestorweekly.com

Calling All Grandparents

Do you have an expressive grandchild? You know: those looks that talk volumes. Is he or she under age five? If so, share your small relative with the world.

Send a color photo in .jpg or .png format to grandparent@wealthyinvestorweekly.com with your name and words that might come from an adult mouth commenting on investing, investments, brokers or stocks. When associated with your grandchild’s facial or body expression, the words should at least be amusing.

We will choose two winners each week (one on Child 1

Wednesday, another on Saturday), publish your favorite small person’s picture on our Facebook page along with his or her name, parents’ names and submitting grandparent’s names.

Child 2

We will try to use the words you submit along with the picture or we might contribute words we judge to be more amusing. The thing is for us all to have some good clean fun!


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    Wealthy Investor Weekly should be your first port of call if, as we believe, you should, have an investment philosophy that aims to invest long-term in quality stocks, not trade the market on a daily basis trying to out-guess others as if in a casino.

    To invest successfully:
    • A system is essential; one that is proven to predict the best time to buy low and then to sell high.
    • Returns should be sufficiently high to justify preserving your capital gains by staying out of the stock market altogether during bear markets.
    • The service based around such a system should be simple and economical to use and encourage you to:
    • Manage yourself your own, self-selected, diversified stock portfolio.
    • Avoid expensive third-party advisory and investment fund fees and needless broker commissions.
    • The system will not select your portfolio but show you how to do so for yourself, easily and correctly.
    • As described under Our Mission, the system should facilitate Safe, Sure and Economical stock investing.

    Our systems provide an exact target price to buy or sell at a specific time. Merely contact your discount broker and place orders ahead of time. Your order will be filled only if the system's target price is met. Thorough and professional portfolio management is automated on a private member site.
    • When you use the system to select about a dozen stocks, you will buy them close to the end of a bear market.
    • The system will then tell you when to sell near the end of major bull markets.
    • Actions on your part should be very infrequent and cost-effective. This saves both time brokerage fees.

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