How Can Intelligent People Talk So Much Rot?

Retirement planning now done

I can’t count the number of times I have heard from people who sound knowledgeable that it is impossible to time markets. That’s total bullfeathers, as our many years and thousands of trades prove conclusively. There is a grain of truth to the statement though – and it applies to…

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Banks Cream Individual Investors – Again

It’s happened again: the individual investor got greedy and got creamed. And once more, financial institutions were the winners. We don’t normally talk about precious metals here and we usually don’t speculate on price movements. They are too prone to manipulation and politics, and not simply economic cycles. But a…

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Get Ready For Profitable Calamity

Warren Buffett and many other big-name investors predict the next downturn will be more severe that the Great Recession of 2008. Given the economic mess in the U.S, the weakening Chinese economy, hardships in Argentina, Portugal and other bankrupt nations together with bloodletting in the Middle East, the prediction is…

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We’re Open For Just 20 Very Special Clients


Are you a long-term conservative investor? If so, you might qualify for training, coaching and one-on-one assistance until you have built an amazing portfolio of investment-grade stocks. This opportunity is available only after a free 90-minute coaching session designed to help you to choose the correct way forward for you…

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Could 2014 Be Your Best Year Ever?

Could 2014 Be Your Best Year Ever? Bryan Sykes There is no shortage of information about investing. In fact, I know of no topic where there is more information and less comprehension. What accounts for this dichotomy? It is not a lack of motivation. I find many people are highly…

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Older Americans Can’t Retire; Gamble on Start-ups

worried older man

The January 10 edition of the Boston Globe carried an article that stated many older Americans are starting companies rather than retiring. There are a number of stated reasons, of course, but there are two clear messages: many cannot afford to retire, and age is a barrier to finding a…

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