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Platinum System Turns Art of Investing Into a Science

March 19, 2014


If you could invest in stocks and know you would make an excellent profit, would you do so? Perhaps if there was a guarantee?

Well, guarantees concerning investment results are illegal. I wish it were otherwise; we could then do what others would not dare to do. But we are in the software business and we do give a guarantee, a guarantee that you will buy at least seven out of ten stocks at rock bottom prices if you follow our Platinum system or the fees we receive are returned to you in full. You will buy on the eleventh trading day after the week in which the absolute low for your stock is reached. It is pretty difficult to lose money if you buy at the bottom.

The question

I will repeat the question: Would you buy stocks if you knew you would make an excellent profit?

Investing has always been described as an art and not a science. That has changed. Our company has turned it into a science – and that means the outcome is predictable and measurable.

Look at the results of a recent simulated test of the new Platinum system:


Simulated results

Symbol Type Open Date Open Price Shares Close Date Close Price Days Held Capital Gains Trade Status
CAT SHORT 13/10/2008 39.46 253 16/03/2009 23.77 154 3969.57 completed
UNH SHORT 10/03/2008 40.84 244 20/10/2008 23.26 224 4289.52 completed
PFE SHORT 24/06/2002 21.38 467 16/03/2009 12.37 2457 4207.67 completed
NKE LONG 23/03/2009 21.35 468 03/02/2014 70.33 1778 22922.64 completed
NKE SHORT 06/10/2008 25.28 395 23/03/2009 21.35 168 1552.35 completed
UNH LONG 20/10/2008 23.26 429 03/02/2014 69.88 1932 19999.98 completed
JPM SHORT 23/06/2008 31.5 317 16/03/2009 22.12 266 2973.46 completed
HD LONG 20/10/2008 17.6 568 19/08/2013 73.15 1764 31552.40 completed
HD SHORT 06/10/2008 17.7 564 20/10/2008 17.6 14 56.40 completed
CAT LONG 16/03/2009 23.77 420 18/11/2013 81.44 1708 24221.40 completed
CSCO LONG 28/08/2011 14.34 697 14/03/2014 21.73 930 5150.83 open
PFE LONG 16/03/2009 12.37 808 14/03/2014 32.43 1825 16208.48 open
JPM LONG 16/03/2009 22.12 452 14/03/2014 59.4 1825 16850.56 open


Used the Dow

The system was tested over a period that included the last  recession. The test was carried out with the 30 Dow Jones industrial Average stocks, a relatively small number that does not allow picking and choosing. There are no losers. Another test, one covering the 1980-1982 recession and recovery, also had no losses when stocks were bought.

But the system is not yet perfect. (We are working on that.) In the 1980-82 period, there were some small losses when we sold short close to the bottom of the bear market. I am talking pennies, literally, but they were losses.



Here’s the scorecard for all DJIA investments covering the period of the last recession and recovery:

Parameter Open Trades Completed Trades
Trades 3 10
Profits 3(100%) 10(100%)
Losses 0(0%) 0(0%)
Average Profit Per Share 21.5767 26.451
Min Annualized ROI 20.23% 10.82%
Max Annualized ROI 33.71% 156.45%
Overall Annualized ROI 28.79% 60.55%
Average Length 4.18 years 2.87 years
Average Profitable Trade 28.79% 60.55%
Average Losing Trade 0% 0%
Total Invested Capital $29,988.18 $99,837.24
Accumulated Profit/Loss $38,210.27 $126,221.14
Total profit at time of writing: $164,431.41​

In each case, $10,000 was invested. Six of the 13 investments were short sales so you would only have needed capital of $70,000 to duplicate this result since the short sales were made at different times.

For just 20 clients

As you might expect, we have plans for this software. However, we are qualifying just 20 potential clients who will receive five weeks of training followed by unlimited coaching and mentoring plus free access to this valuable system until 13 weeks after the end of the next bear market. By that time, you should have completed your portfolio of long positions. You will then be able to continue membership for a reduced monthly fee.

We will not accept more than 20 members – ever. I will teach and mentor you one-on-one personally and there are just so many hours in a day. As a first step, send me an email (Subject: Coaching; send to sydney[at]wealthyinvestorweekly.com) and tell me about yourself as an investor. Experience is not essential. The system is automated and takes two minutes of your time each week.

But if you want one of these rare opportunities, hurry up! Some are already taken.

Cutting Through the Hard Stuff

January 15, 2014


  • Do you find selling a stock to be more difficult than buying one?
  • Do you um, ah and debate with yourself before buying shares?
  • As a result, do you tend to buy when much of the profit is already gone?
  • And do you hold on so long that all or most of the profit you might have had has evaporated?
  • Do you want to do better?
If this describes you, don’t feel bad; you are in the majority. The decisions you believe you have to face are daunting. Or they were. I have a solid solution for you. And it is completely free, no strings, no sales pitch, nothing to buy. Why? Because we are very good at what we do, but you do not know us unless we give you proof. My new eBook, The Gordian Solution: Cutting the Investment Knot, will give you clear answers to the maze of decisions most investors face daily. Investing correctly is the easiest way I know of to make money without work. No strings and absolutely free but it could put thousands of extra dollars into your bank account.. (Just click here or on the book image to get your free download)

Bronze System Finalized – For Now

Final tweaks have been made to our Bronze investment timing program. In recent weeks, the annualized return on investment has been reduced from 33.79% to 30.95%. You might suppose I would be upset about that, but the tradeoff has been more frequent profit opportunities.


Final tweaks sound…well…so final. But we will continue for the foreseeable future to experiment and to try to improve results. (In fact, don’t be surprised to see minor changes as the latest piece of the jigsaws is fine tuned.) But the results we have are better on several fronts than anything else we have been able to find, so improvement gets increasingly difficult. (Bronze program statistics appear at the bottom of the home page every Friday night by about 9pm EST.)

Saying we are the best is boastful when we say it ourselves and means little without actual independent comparisons.

CXO Advisory reported in February 2013 results of a survey of 6,459 of what it described as “so-called gurus”. The U.S market advice of these publishers is a matter of public record.  Forecasts were 46.9% accurate in the 14-year period between December 1998 and December 2012. Our Bronze program shows 85.54% accuracy over more than 30 years and 3,609 completed trades to February 28.

The highest accuracy reported by CXO Advisory was 68.2% in 44 forecasts. A very well known technical analyst was accurate 21.7% of the time in just 23 forecasts. A popular TV presenter was about average with 46.8% accuracy in 62 forecasts. All of these people in one way or another are competitors in that they have opinions to sell. Even technical analysts offer opinions about the signals they see in their charts.

Every one of the people listed cherry picks individual stocks. We cover the entire list of mainly senior and mid-cap stocks – more than 3,000 U.S companies and more than 250 in Canada. In that regard, we are very different from our competitors.

Two other differences

Our programs are different in two other respects: we offer no opinions, period. And there is nothing between our automated program and the end user. Human interaction is completely and deliberately removed. It is our contention that prices are an aggregate of intelligent selection and unassociated events. Our contention is that markets cannot be influenced for very long by individuals; the Hunt brothers proved that when they lost billions trying to corner silver.

In fairness, it is unknown whether CXO analysis is accurate. Methods they report have been described by some as sloppy. There were rebuttals from many of those analyzed. For that reason, we have omitted analysts’ names.

There are about 3,410,000 results on Google for the phrase ‘U.S stock market advisory’ though a large percentage talk about day trading, penny stocks, and give how-to advice such as How does the stock market work? There are even brokers advertising their services. Clearly, we have not examined 3.4 million pages but we have found no buy and hold strategy (our average is 5.5 years) that offers anything close to our rates of return over 30+ years. There are many advertising individual triple-digit returns; we can cherry-pick quadruple-digit returns but they mean nothing, they are flukes.

Keep an eye on our weekly numbers.


  • Overview

    Wealthy Investor Weekly should be your first port of call if, as we believe, you should, have an investment philosophy that aims to invest long-term in quality stocks, not trade the market on a daily basis trying to out-guess others as if in a casino.

    To invest successfully:
    • A system is essential; one that is proven to predict the best time to buy low and then to sell high.
    • Returns should be sufficiently high to justify preserving your capital gains by staying out of the stock market altogether during bear markets.
    • The service based around such a system should be simple and economical to use and encourage you to:
     Manage yourself your own, self-selected, diversified stock portfolio.
     Avoid expensive third-party advisory and investment fund fees and needless broker commissions.
    • The system will not select your portfolio but show you how to do so for yourself, easily and correctly.
    • As described under Our Mission, the system should facilitate Safe, Sure and Economical stock investing.
    Our systems provide an exact target price to buy or sell at a specific time. Merely contact your discount broker and place orders ahead of time. Your order will be filled only if the system's target price is met. Thorough and professional portfolio management is automated on a private member site.
    • When you use the system to select about a dozen stocks, you will buy them close to the end of a bear market.
    • The system will then tell you when to sell near the end of major bull markets.
    • Actions on your part should be very infrequent and cost-effective. This saves both time brokerage fees.

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